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Pedrito was featured in an article by Bill Kohlhaase, Play, sing, dance … repeat: The Pedrito Martinez Group, on as part of the Pasatiempo weekly.

It’s said that to be a musician in Cuba, one must learn three things: how to play an instrument, how to sing, and how to dance. “Yes, yes, it’s true,” said Cuban-born percussionist Pedrito Martinez, whose quartet appears as part of the New Mexico Jazz Festival on Wednesday, July 20, at St. John’s College, and the following two nights at the Outpost in Albuquerque. “The hardest thing for me was the dancing. Cuban dance, those Afro-Cuban dance steps, offer a lot of ways to go. You have to be really serious and give it time if you want to learn it correctly. Then you have to do those three things simultaneously. It’s not easy, but it’s what people love.”

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