DarkViolin: “Pedrito Martinez Warms a Post-Cold War Landmark”

January 24th, 2015

DIPLOMACY 101: PEDRITO MARTINEZ WARMS A POST-COLD WAR LANDMARK Play, Sing, Dance the Distance from Havana to New York By DarkViolin January 24, 2015 Click here to view the article and photos from this performance! It was just over a month ago when President Obama announced that the United States would restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. […]

Blu Notes: “Subrosa’s Soft Launch Hits Hard”

November 15th, 2014

The good news: Martinez’s residency lives on—now transplanted to Subrosa, a new venue in Manhattan’s newly fashionable meatpacking district. Subrosa is owned and operated by the Blue Note Entertainment Group, a company anchored by its namesake Greenwich Village jazz club. The new club, which seats 120, feels intimate without seeming cramped, elegant yet not slicked-up: white-painted brick walls and cafe tables give way to a horseshoe-shaped bar in the rear.

WSJ: Rubén Blades With Wynton Marsalis and PMG at Subrosa

November 15th, 2014

This week is a bonanza for Pan-American music (even beyond Rubén Blades at Jazz at Lincoln Center). The Blue Note Entertainment Group has just announced the opening of its fourth venue in Manhattan, named “Subrosa,” which it informs us will be an intimate club specializing in Latin and World Jazz. The new space’s high standards are being established from the get-go with a continuing residency by the irresistible Cuban percussionist and bandleader Pedrito Martinez.

NYTimes ArtsBeat: Blue Note Opening a New Club

November 12th, 2014

“We are opening Subrosa to provide a new creative hub for eclectic music, with an emphasis on Latin and world music disciplines,” Steven Bensusan, president of the Blue Note Entertainment Group said in a statement. “This space will ultimately serve as a destination for listeners to discover new globally influenced music in an accessible setting.”

Billboard: PMG at Blue Note’s New Club Subrosa

November 12th, 2014

“Our focus will be on eclectic, creative music,” says Jordy Freed, Blue Note’s director of marketing and publicity, who adds that the Blue Note team will be working with agents and managers to program discovery-worthy local artists and special shows by established names.

Washington Post: Review of PMG at Kennedy Center Jazz Club

November 3rd, 2014

Three is a magic number for rumba singer-percussionist Pedrito Martinez. Saturday night at the Kennedy Center Jazz Club, he played an electrifying solo on a trio of bata drums, the goblet-shaped instruments used in Santería rituals. For the rest of the 80-minute performance, Martinez slapped complex, supple Afro-Cuban polyrhythms on three conga drums — one more than most players use.

NPR: Behind Wynton Marsalis’ Afro-Cuban ‘Ochas’ Suite

November 3rd, 2014

NPR’s Jazz Night in America covers the premiere of “Ochas”


JazzTimes: Concert Review: Chucho, Pedrito & Wynton @ JALC

September 24th, 2014

Martinez’s voice is a glorious instrument. It’s soothing and soulful and you never have to strain to hear it; it’s always out front and on top. One special moment found Martinez singing over the female vocalists’ backgrounds.

NY Times: “Vocabulary Renewed, a Dialogue Continues”

September 20th, 2014

When Mr. Martinez opened his mouth to sing — in the invocations for each part of the suite, and in the musical discussions that followed with chorus singers and the orchestra — no context was needed to understand the power of his voice slicing through a mass of sound, his phrasing intricately weaving through the rhythmic accents.

Review of PMG at Belleayre Festival 08.08.14

August 27th, 2014

Commentary by Kitty Montgomery

The rebook of the Pedrito Martinez Quartet for Hot Latin Nights II was a first for any group in Mel’s Belleayre Jazz Series; they were that steamin’ in their debut show here last season . Since then, the band’s career has rocketed, driven by their relentless Cuba hand drum phenom, not to mention the rest of the group – Ariacne Trujillo, keys; Alvaro Benevides, bass; Jhair Sala bongos, cowbells. Everybody joins in vocals. Their quartet played Dizzy’s Coca Cola Club on New Years Eve, last winter, sending 2014 off in a fusion that carried like a comet ride. They’re still out in orbit.