Alvaro Benavides

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A scholarship from Berklee College of Music brought bassist Álvaro Benavides to the United States from his native Venezuela. Like Trujillo, he’s a brilliant soloist with unshakeable timing that allows him to shoulder the entire groove when the rest of the musicians drop out, or to power the band to a devastating bomba climax with wicked thumps, slaps and slides that congeal and combust with Pedrito’s cajón to produce as powerful and uplifting a rhythmic surge as the largest and most aggressive Cuban bands.

“Electric bassist Alvaro Benavides, in his Jimi Hendrix T-shirt, blends jazz, funk and rock into constantly shifting rhythmic patterns, first supporting, then leading, then playing counterpoint, all in the space of mere seconds.”
Don Macica, Aguzate

Bio written by Kevin Moore, author of the Beyond Salsa series, and editor of

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