Biography of Ariacne Trujillo

Ariacne Trujilo was born in Havana on March 11, 1981.

At the age of four, Trujilo began singing and playing the piano. She studied music at the elementary and middle school levels, and performed concerts as a solo pianist accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba.

During her career as a young concert pianist and composer, she won several accolades and awards for mastery in international and national competitions:

"Flores Juveniles" Belgium (11-years-old)
Zenegalia Italy (14-years-old)
Latin American Competition (15 years old)
Master Award from the United Arab Emirates (16-years-old), etc.

In 1998, Trujillo was invited to tour in the United States by the Chamber Music Society of America and Bard University in New York. In 2000, she joined the show at the Cabaret Tropicana de Cuba as a pianist and performed as a solo vocalist and dancer the following year. That same year, she performed classical concerts in four cities in Colombia, graduated from The Instituto Superior de Artes de la Habana Cuba, and was selected for a residency fellowship in Musical Composition at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, USA.

Since her arrival in the United States, Trujillo has performed with Louis Enrrique, La India, and Oscar D Leon. She has worked with Paquito D Rivera (Carnegie Hall 2007); the "Afrocubanas Parties "(Lincoln Center 2008); Johnny Pacheco (2008); Paul Simon ("Song of the Capeman" Brooklyn Academy of Music,2008); Paul Simon ( the re-opening of The Beacon Theater, 2009); and John Scofield (Katonah Museum of Art, 2010).

Trujillo has been showcased at The Salsa Congress in Bermuda and Singapore. She is also the pianist and musical director of the Orquesta Cubana de Timba "La Bola," which has performed at S.O.B.s, Drom, Iguana, and Crash Mansion in New York City; and Club Anton in Oakland, California.

Trujillo met Pedrito Martinez in 2004 when they were playing in different bands together in and around NYC. They soon realized that their voices clicked in a very unique way.

In 2005, Martinez called Trujillo to be part of his group "Iboru" that would be playing regularly at a Cuban restaurant in midtown Manhattan - then called Azucar. It was eventually renamed "Guantanamera."

The experience of being in Pedro Martinez's group has been very important for Trujillo. She says "I feel like a fish in the water. The music flows so naturally between us. I think this has to do with the energy, and not just musicl, but personal energy. I'm so happy when I'm on stage with the group. Pedrito, Alvaro and Jhair are not just amazing musicians but wonderful friends as well. Everyone has their time to shine, and express themselves but we are a great team and have a strong connection through our music."

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